The INPATH-TES network, coordinated by the University of Lleida, was created with the main goal to foster cooperation between universities, research institutes, and companies from industry.


Tecnologia per Celle Solari Bifacciali ad Alta Efficienza a 4 terminali per “Utility Scale”
BEST4U Project

Il Giornale dell'Umbria

Dei nove accordi firmati da Letta negli Emirati Arabi due coinvolgono l'Università di Perugia
Articolo del 04/02/2014

Corriere dell'Umbria

Con Letta negli Emirati Arabi c'è anche un pezzo dell'Ateneo
Articolo del 04/02/2014

MuSAE (Life+ 2012)

Il progetto MuSAE: "Municipalities subsidiarity for actions on energy" è finanziato nell'ambito del Programma LIFE+


The development and verification of a novel modular air cooled condenser for enhanced concentrated solar power generation


NADIA (Noise Abatement Demonstrative and Innovative Actions and information to the public) è un progetto cofinanziato dalla Commissione Europea Direzione Generale “Ambiente” nell’ambito del bando Life+ 2009


Il progetto di ricerca è finalizzato alla realizzazione di un caso pilota per la sperimentazione di una mini-flotta composta da 20 quadricicli a basso impatto ambientale destinata a svolgere le attività di recapito della posta all'interno del centro urbano di Perugia …..

Museo Energia

Un viaggio esclusivo all'interno dell'energia, concepito e realizzato attraverso nuovi strumenti e linguaggi dove si stimola l'interesse e la creatività dei visitatori.

Tecnici Competenti in Acustica

Elenco Nazionale dei Tecnici Competenti in Acustica
Data Base ENTECA

Master in Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer (2nd Level)

CIRIAF, Department of Engineering, University of Perugia

The Master in Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer (2nd Level) of the University of Perugia has the main goal of promoting a specialized training for Technology Transfer Managers.
This qualification is addressed to graduates interested in a postgraduate diploma in Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer with focus on industrial and intellectual property law, economics, finance and ethics of innovation.
The Program of the 1st edition of the Master will count on professorship from EUIPO, i.e. the European Intellectual property Office, as well as on specialized professors and lawyers, both Italian and foreign, who are experts in the field, and experts from public institutions in the field of innovation.

The Master in Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer of the University of Perugia is divided into two modules in order to provide specialized and quality training about:
Module 1: Patents, Trademarks and designs, Plant varieties and geographical indications, Copyright, Know-how, Transfer and Licensing of Intellectual Property Rights, Intellectual property Systems and Process of Granting, Digital innovation.
Module 2: History and Anthropology of Innovation, Innovation Finance and Proof of Concept, Business Planning of a Technology Start-up, Corporate Finance for Start-ups, Sustainability as an Innovation Tool, Ethics and Technology Transfer, Innovation Ecosystems.

The lectures will be held in English for a total of 600 hours. Detailed contents will be shared in October 2019.
Moreover, thanks to cooperation agreements with numerous highly innovative companies and prestigious institutions dealing with intellectual property and technology transfer, the Master offers its alumni an internship program where they have the opportunity to acquire a valuable experience to start or improve their professional career.
A tutoring service will support management and teaching activities (1 tutor every 5 students)

Classes: Nov 4, 2019 – Dec 20, 2019 // Jan 13, 2020 – Jun 12, 2020 // Sep 14, 2020 – Oct 14, 2020

Internship: since Apr 2020

Thesis: since May 2020

Dissertation: Oct 15- 31, 2020

Application Call and admission
The Application Call will be published on 2019, August 20th on the website of University of Perugia. The Call will describe the procedures and needed documents for the application, selection of candidates and enrolment. The Master is reserved to all students with a University Post Graduate Degree.

Enrolment Fees
The enrolment fee is € 6.600,00 (six thousand and six hundred Euros), to be paid in three installments:
- First installment equal to € 2.500 at the enrolment;
- Second installment equal to € 2.500 within 3 months since the beginning of the course;
- Third installment equal to € 1.600 within 6 months since the enrolment.

Accommodation and Venue

Classes will be held at CIRIAF - Interuniversity Research Center on Pollution and Environment “Mauro Felli”, Department of Engineering, University of Perugia, Via G. Duranti 63, 06125, Perugia.

For additional information regarding the accommodation, please send your questions to and

Call for Applications